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Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer that specialized in developing and producing small special purpose tool grinder(sharpener), precision machinery tools. Our products have so many advantages that sound engineering and meticulous machining will produce product reliability. Grinders have been sold to the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and many other areas of the world. Now, Purros Machinery Co.,Ltd. is proceeding from offline to online, to help more new and used machinery factories understand... Learn More

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Evaluating the sharpening requirements in different industries, we have specific models of grinders to carry out challenging cutting and drilling processes in variety of materials.

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On our website there are many ways you can contact us, including telephone services, email, whatsapp etc. If you are encountering any problem or fault when you use our drill bit re-grinder, please free feel to contact us.

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Download the product catalogues from here, you can quickly browse what's the drill bit grinder, how to sharpen drill bit? In the directory where you can fully understand our team and grinder equipment details.

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