The purpose of grinding the major cutting edge of drill bit

The purpose of grinding is to change the edge shape or point angle to increase the front angle and control chip breaking. Or change the distribution of cutting load, increase the heat dissipation condition and improve the life of drill bit.

Three ways to sharpen the major cutting edge:

Three ways to sharpen the major cutting edge

Three ways to sharpen the major cutting edge

  1. Grinding the concave arc edge and strengthening the centering function of the drill are helpful for chip separation and chip breaking.
  2. Grinding out double or multiple point angles, or grinding out convex arc edges, can improve the heat sink at the edge of the drill edge and increase the life of the drill bit, which is suitable for brittle materials.
  3.  Grinding out the chip dividing groove to facilitate chip removal.

There are many points of attention and its use in grinding drill bits. If customers have difficulties in drill grinding, please consult us. We are a manufacturer of drill bit grinding machines. We are familiar with drill bit grinder product structure and function.

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