The selection of main geometric parameters for the grinding of twist drill bit

The main geometric parameters of twist drill include the choice of cutting lip angle, the choice of land angle of cutting edge and lip clearance angle of cutting edge, the analysis of the influence of helix angle on the life of drill bit and the treatment of cutting edge.


Cutting lip angle determines chip width and bit front angle. When the diameter and feed of the bit remain unchanged, increasing the top angle will narrow the iron filings and reduce the load per unit cutting lip. Cutting lip angle has a great influence on the land angle. Increasing cutting lip angle correspondingly can improve the cutting conditions at the core. Cutting lip angle affects the direction of chip outflow. According to the relevant tool design data and the characteristics of low hardness but high viscidity of the processed product, the cutting lip angle of the bit is selected to be 140°.


The land angle of a twist drill is determined by other geometric parameters of the drill. In high-speed cutting, the rake angle has little influence on cutting deformation and cutting force, and the strength of tool tip can be enhanced with a smaller land angle. When the land angle is determined, the bigger the lip clearance angle is, the sharper the edge is, but the wedge angle will decrease correspondingly, which will affect the strength and heat dissipation area of the tool. For this purpose, the lip clearance angle of the drill bit is selected as a smaller one, which is 8°.

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Safety operation procedure for semi-automatic drill bit sharpening machine

Safety operation procedure for semi-automatic drill bit grinder

  1. The grinding wheel should be returned first, then the drill bit is mounted on the drill bit to adjust the Angle.
  2. When the drill bit turns normally, the machine meshes well and can be grinded. The protective cover should be complete and normal before grinding.
  3. Manual feed should be carried out slowly, especially when the grinding wheel is in contact with the drill bit.
  4. After the drill bit grinding is finished, exit the grinding tool and stop the lathe. The drill bit can be unloaded until it is stationary.
  5. After the drill bit is loaded, the wrench should be removed in time and not allowed on the chuck.
  6. When dressing the grinding wheel, put the feed handle in the neutral position, and after the grinding wheel turns normally, the it can be redressed. The fixture should be fastened, the feed should be slow; Wear protective glasses, the head should be avoided, the protective cover should be installed, the dust collection device should start. Replacement of new grinding wheel shall comply with the general safety regulations of the grinder.
  7. The workpiece should be put in place to prevent injuries.

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Tips to Sharpen Drill Bits

Drill bits can be sharpened in several ways, and it might be handy to learn if you personally do the installation of your home’s hardwired security system. Even if you don’t hit any nails while drilling holes for your home alarm and other security devices, your bits will still get dull.

Drill Bits are very expensive, especially the long ones used for the wiring of home security system. Rather than replacing them, you should sharpen the bits to save you money and also make drilling easier and faster, since you will have in your possession freshly sharpened bits.

A drill bit grinder is available for purchase and it brings a dull bit back to its original form. It is advisable not to purchase a special tool that only has one function. Especially when an almost good drill bit grinding machines is already sitting on your workbench.

Using a drill bit grinder attachment on a bench, which can be found in various home workshops, you can easily sharpen your bits. They might not be as perfect as the original bit, but they will get you back in action as fast as possible and crazily drill holes

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The force and movement of drilling

Cutting motion can be divided into main movement and feed movement. The main movement is the most basic motion that makes the workpiece and the cutter produce relative motion for cutting. The main movement has the highest speed and the most power consumption. In the cutting motion, there is only one main movement. It can be done by the workpiece, or it can be done by a cutter, it can be a spinning motion, or it can be a straight line.

The force and movement of drilling

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The best ways to improve the drill bit

Many drill problems develop from unreliable aiming. Right drill aiming will certainly to an excellent level remove drill damage and also in precise openings. Pierce directing ought to be diverse relying on the products to be pierced. General function drills, have a factor angle of 118o consisted of 12 ° to 15 ° clearance angle as well as with a carve side angle of from 125 ° to 135 °. Many drivers do not have actually the abilities needed completely hand aiming, Making use of basic drill directing equipments is very suggested. Drills are equipment directed at the manufacturing facility to a 118° angle to guarantee an appropriate as well as consistent factor angle, equivalent cutting lips as well as right sculpt side angle.

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The cutting tool that need to be sharpened: drill bit

The cutting tool that need to be sharpened: drill bit

Drill Bit

The drill bit is the best cutting tool for grinding.
The design should consider the need for grinding.
For preprocessing or general hole accuracy, degree of the drill bit grinding is worn at most 20 times. For high precision drilling bit, it can be sharpened 5 times.