Types and application of milling cutter grinder

Milling cutter grinder is a kind of machine that can be used to grind and repair milling cutter in industry. It can grind general end milling cutter such as 2-edge, 3-edge and 4-edge, and can also cut out the edge directly with tungsten rod. It is a small tool grinder which is necessary to restore the milling cutter as new.
So, what are the types and uses of milling machine? Next, PURROS will introduce the classification and application of the lower milling cutter grinder for your reference.

I.Classification of milling cutters and grinders
Milling cutter grinder can be divided into the following categories according to different functions:
1.End milling cutter grinder

The milling cutter grinder, which can only grind the end face of milling cutter, has a little less function, but its body is small and exquisite, and its operation is simple, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and family workshops.
2.Spiral milling cutter grinder

It is suitable for grinding the side edge of the spiral milling cutter. It has strong function, but its body is also slightly heavy. It is suitable for grinding the spiral milling cutter.
3.Ball end milling cutter grinder

The ball end milling machine with patented technology breaks the limitation that the ordinary milling machine can only grind the side edge of the ordinary end face, and can perfectly grind the first and second angles of the ball end milling machine.
4.Round nose milling cutter grinder

It can not only grind end milling cutter, but also round nose milling cutter r fillet. The grinding effect of this method is remarkable.

II. Application description
1. The general milling machine can grind general end mills such as 2-edge, 3-edge, 4-edge and 6-edge (> 12), and can also cut out the cutting edge directly with tungsten rod.
2. It has the characteristics of small body, precise and fast grinding, simple operation, and easy grinding without skills.
3. If the machine is equipped with diamond grinding wheel, only one grinding wheel can complete all processes, with accurate angle, long service life, cost saving and improved use efficiency.
4. According to the material of milling cutter, different grinding wheels can be selected to achieve the purpose of perfect repair. CBN is suitable for grinding high speed steel, SDC is suitable for grinding alloy tungsten steel, remember not to make mistakes.
5. According to the milling cutter that needs to be grinded, select the collet suitable for the standard diameter of the milling cutter, match with the appropriate collet group, and put it into the milling base for grinding.

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