Features of Drill Jig

What is the fixture of drilling machine? For this answer, check out our technical article.[What is the fixture of the drilling machine?] Web page link: http://www.drillbitgrinder.com/what-is-the-fixture-of-the-drilling-machine/

You know the fixture of the drilling machine, but do you know the features of drill jig?

What is the features of the drill jig?

What is the features of the drill jig?

Generally, the features of drilling holes of workpiece in drill jig as follow:Continue reading

What is the fixture of the drilling machine?

Fixture of drilling machine is shorted for drilling machine die that is used to process holes and threads. The Fixture is mainly composed of drill bush, location device and clamping device, etc. Due to feeds less movement and the structural features, drilling machining tends to be lower precision, led to uncomfortably guarantee the accuracy of multi-holes drilling, so that, fixture of drilling machine plays a decisive role in drilling accuracy, and also fixture of drilling machine is the most widely used in all fixtures.

Structure of Drilling Jig

1. Fixed Drilling Jig

The type of drilling jig is fixed in the position of the drilling machine, and it has higher processing accuracy, mainly used for drilling single hole with larger diameter in vertical drilling machine, and parallel hole-series in radial drilling machine.Continue reading