Features of Drill Jig

What is the fixture of drilling machine? For this answer, check out our technical article.[What is the fixture of the drilling machine?] Web page link: http://www.drillbitgrinder.com/what-is-the-fixture-of-the-drilling-machine/

You know the fixture of the drilling machine, but do you know the features of drill jig?

What is the features of the drill jig?

What is the features of the drill jig?

Generally, the features of drilling holes of workpiece in drill jig as follow:

1. The rigidity of the cutter is poor.

Usually, the holes sizes are small-to-medium in drilling machine, the contents of the processing are no more than drilling, chambering, reaming or tapping, so there are small diameters of cutting tools, but bigger size in axial direction, and the rigidity of the cutter is poor.


2. Multiple blades are easy to cause the position and shape error of holes.

For drilling holes such as drilling cutter, chambering cutter and reaming cutter are multiple cutting lip tools, due to blades are asymmetrical or length is not equal will cause the error of processed hole in manufacturing, in particular, use common twist drill bit to drill holes, there are asymmetrical on both sides of cutter by manual sharpening, it is easy to cause the hole position deviation, increased pore size and the bending and skew of the hole axis, seriously affect the holes shapes and location accuracy.


3. For common twist drill bit drilling, there are not good in location accuracy.

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