How you can make cutter grinder do not tremble?

PURROS Cutter Grinder is the specialized machine for cutting the tools. Cutting is accurate and rapid, easy operation, with no skill requirement to grind. With Taiwan diamond grinding wheel, only one piece can complete all procedure. It can be equipped directly with an accurate angle and longer service life.

PURROS PG-X4 Portable Cutter Grinder Fast Sharpening Cutter

PURROS PG-X4 Portable Cutter Grinder

How you can make cutter grinder do not tremble?

When choose the wheel you must discover the facility, ensure it is no shake when functioning, if shake, you ought to re-fix it.

After installment the wheel, you require attempt a made use of cutter to inspect the ideal get in touch with angle for cutter and also the wheel. After that make an attempt to grinding the cutter, after the test grinding, set up the cutter you should grinding.


1. Assemble the fixture
2. Set the position of the drill bit
3. Grind the point angle
4. Grind the lip relief angle
5. Grind the front cutting lip


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