Tips to Sharpen Drill Bits

Drill bits can be sharpened in several ways, and it might be handy to learn if you personally do the installation of your home’s hardwired security system. Even if you don’t hit any nails while drilling holes for your home alarm and other security devices, your bits will still get dull.

Drill Bits are very expensive, especially the long ones used for the wiring of home security system. Rather than replacing them, you should sharpen the bits to save you money and also make drilling easier and faster, since you will have in your possession freshly sharpened bits.

A drill bit grinder is available for purchase and it brings a dull bit back to its original form. It is advisable not to purchase a special tool that only has one function. Especially when an almost good drill bit grinding machines is already sitting on your workbench.

Using a drill bit grinder attachment on a bench, which can be found in various home workshops, you can easily sharpen your bits. They might not be as perfect as the original bit, but they will get you back in action as fast as possible and crazily drill holes

To sharpen your bits using, follow the steps below.

  1. Hold your drill bit so that its cutting face is parallel to the drill grinding wheel attachment. This step will only remove the needed metal to clean the cutting edge up.
  2. The bit should be slowly brought in contact with the wheel. Make sure that the bit is kept straight without rotating it. You shouldn’t try to duplicate the original curvature of the factory grind, rather make a new and flatter cutting surface.
  3. Slightly grind the heel portion of the bit’s cutting surface more than its edge. This will ensure that the bit’s cutting edge contact the surface to be drilled first, when in use.
  4. Metal will be removed and the steel will get heated when your drill bits are sharpened. So, frequently dip the bit into water to keep it cool. If you can’t hold your drill bit with your bare hands, then it’s either you’re not cooling often enough or you’re grinding too fast.
  5. As soon as you have achieved a sharp cutting edge, spin the bit half to the other side and start sharpening the other cutting edge. Your bit will perform better when you sharpen the two edges more.
  6. Lastly, check to see if both edges are the same in width when they are sharp. It is advisable for you to check if the two cutting edges meet to form a point in the center of the bit diameter. A short line should be centered between the two edges. If not, then, grind the edge of the bit a little more on the wider side until it meets up with the other side

To quickly check if you have achieved the desired result, hold the tip of the bit against as scrap wood and turn it with your hand in a clockwise position. A drill bit that is properly sharpened will easily make a hole without applying too much pressure.


If you have used our automatic drill bit grinding machine, you will be surprised. It is compared with the manual grinding to time-saving, convenient and accurate.


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Drill bit sharpening machines

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