2018 PURROS New Product Launch Ceremmony – PG-F4N Complex Grinder for End Mill and Drill


Some improved performances of PG-F4N is compared with PG-F4

Improved Points as below (PG-F4N Advantages):

1. For grinding drill bit, the maximum grinding diameter increased to φ15
2. Point Angle Grinding Ranges: For End Mill, extended from 0°~5° to 0°~7°; For Drill, extended from 100°~135° to 95°~150°
3. Motor Power: Increased from 180W to 200W
5. Rotating Speed: Increased from 4800RPM to 5000RPM
6. Grinding Wheel: For End Mill grinding, multiple directions can be used; For Drill Bit Grinding, the diameter of grinding wheel is increased to 80mm
7. 2-flutes, 3-flutes, 4-flutes, and drill bit are also equipped their own collect chuck.
8. More accurate presetting cutter device

performances of Complex Grinder PG-F4N is compared with Complex Grinder PG-F4

Earlier Version (PG-F4 Complex Grinder)
Model: End Mill Drill
Ranges: Φ4-Φ14MM Φ3-Φ14MM
Point Angle: 0°~5° 100°~135°
Voltage: AC220V
Power: 180W
Rotate Speed: 4800RPM
Dimension: 37*23*30CM
Weight: 20KG


New Version (PG-F4N Complex Grinder)
Model: End Mill Drill
Ranges: Φ4-Φ14MM Φ3-Φ15MM
Point Angle: 0°~7° 95°~150°
Voltage: AC220V
Power: 200W
Rotate Speed: 5000RPM
Dimension: 46*32*31CM
Weight: 25KG
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