How to choose the right machine tool?

The  one of the oldest metal removal machines, has a number of useful and highly desirable attributes. Today these lathes are used primarily in small factories where smaller quantities rather than large production runs are encountered.

How to choose the right machine tool

How to choose the right machine tool

The engine lathe has been replaced in today’s production factories by a wide variety of automatic lathes such as automatic of single-point tooling for maximum metal removal, and the use of form tools for finish on a par with the fastest processing equipment on the scene today.

Tolerances for the engine lathe depend primarily on the skill of the operator. The design engineer must be careful in using tolerances of an experimental part that has been produced on the engine lathe by a skilled operator. In redesigning an experimental part for production, economical tolerances should be used.

Turret Lathes production machining equipment must be evaluated now, more than ever before, this criterion for establishing the production qualification of a specific method, the turret lathe merits a high rating.

In designing for low quantities such as 100 or 200 parts, it is most economical to use the turret lathe. In achieving the optimum toleran

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