How to extend drill bit service life?

The drill has been widely used, but the cost of materials is high and reasonable use of drill bit can save cost. So how to extend the service life of the drill bit? Please read the following maintenance methods carefully.

Bit maintenance and drilling attention

How to extend bit service life?

How to extend drill bit service life? Sharpen drill bit on grinder attention.

1. When working in use, check that the drill bit is damaged, such as passivization.
2. When stored, the drill bit should be placed in the corresponding position. Next time you use it, you can save time to find the drill bit.
3. When drilling through hole, when the drill is nearing completion. Torque is the biggest, so this time needs to be relatively light pressure, slowly go in, to avoid the drill bit because the stress is too big and twist.
4. The central point must be hit before drilling. The aim is to hold the static point and avoid the bottom of the static point, which can lead the drill to the correct drilling position.
5. When drilling, the cutting should be orderly and attention to the discharge of chippings.
6. When drilling cross hole, drill hole of large diameter first, then drill hole of small aperture.
7. When the drill bit is drilling, the phenomenon of bit breaking or stopping suddenly may be too fast. The reason why the bit is very hot or very cool when drilling.

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