What are the advantages of CVD diamond coated tool?

Chemical Vapor Deposition is called CVD. Diamond coating has many excellent properties such as high hardness, high thermal conductivity, low friction and low expansion coefficient.

In the processing of brittle materials such as graphite and carbon fiber composite materials, it has become the surface coating of cutting tools and has shown excellent performance in improving tool life and processing quality.

The selection of diamond coating thickness is not “the thicker the better”.

How many types of milling cutter according to purpose?

With the improvement in wear resistance, the quality of diamond coating is more important than that of thickness.

After continuous testing and verification of various tool materials, the service life of CVD diamond coated tool is 8 ~ 10 times of that of cemented carbide tool. The allowable cutting speed of CVD diamond coated tool is 2 ~ 3 times higher than that of hard alloy tool.

CVD diamond coated tool has sharp cutting edge and good consistency, low friction factor, and can realize high speed and precision machining of thin-walled graphite mould under high speed and low feed. Meanwhile, the service life of CVD diamond coated tool is longer among many tool materials.

The selection and application of diamond coated tools are mainly based on the properties of workpiece materials and the requirements of machining quality.

Note: When the coated bit is repaired by drill bit grinding machines, the worn coating is irreparable.