Analysis of the influence of the helix angle of the drill bit on the service life of the drill bit

Helix Angle is the angle between the helix line on the helical groove and the bit axis after it expands into a straight line. Since the lead of each point on helical groove was the same, the helical angle was different at different diameters of the drill bit, with the maximum helical angle at the outer diameter, and the smaller the helical angle was the closer to the center. Increasing the helix angle will increase the front angle, which is conducive to chip removal, but the rigidity of the drill will decrease. Standard twist drill helix angle is 18 ° ~ 38 °. For bits with smaller diameter, the helix angle should be smaller to ensure the rigidity of the drill bit.

According to the shape of twist drill, the helix angle of each point on the cutting edge is variable, and helix angle directly affects the front angle of the main cutting edge. The larger the helix angle is, the sharper the cutting edge will be and the lighter the cutting will be, otherwise it will cause severe machining hardening and wear the blade quickly. According to the cutting tool design data, helix angle of 30 ° can satisfy the use requirement, at the same time, it can be mass production.

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