The Notes of Lathe Sharpening by hand.

The Notes of Lathe Sharpening

  1. Please note that operator should stand on the side of the lathe tool grinder, to prevent hurtful from debris if the grinding wheel is broken.
  2. Keeping enough distance to hold the shank of lathe tool between hands, to tighten the waist with two elbows to reduce the shaking of the lathe tool sharpening.
  3. During sharpening lathe tool, please place the lathe tool on the horizontal center of the grinding wheel, and the tip of the lathe tool is slightly upward about 3°-8°, when the lathe tool touches the grinding wheel that the lathe tool should be moved around horizontally.
  4. During sharpening major flank face, the lathe tool shank should be shifted an angle to the left as major cutting edge angle; during sharpening minor flank face, the lathe tool shank should be shifted an angle to the right as minor cutting edge angle.
  5. During sharpening arc of the tip, generally, holding the tip of lathe tool with left hand as a fulcrum, and at the same time, moving the shank of lathe tool with right hand.

You can use the PURROS Tool Grinder to make the grinding process easier.


1. All kinds of welding blades, boring cutting tools and planer cutting tools can be repaired.
2. The Lathe Tool Grinder can grind turning tools, milling cutting tools and other cutting tools and grooving.
3. High precision and simple operation is an ideal tool for replacing traditional grinding by hand.

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