What is the Fixture of Boring Machine?

Fixture of boring machine is also known as boring jig that is a delicate fixture, mainly be used in processing holes or hole series box components.
Fixture of boring machine is mainly composed of base, holder, sleeve, bar, location device and clamping device. Mainly used for processing precision hole and hole series.

Composition of Boring Jig

Composition of Boring Jig

1: Holder
2: Sleeve
3, 4: Location Device
5, 8: Pressure Plate Pinch
6: Clamping Screw
7: Adjustable Support
9: Base
10: Bar
11: Float Joint

Composition of Boring Jig
Location Device, Clamping Device, Sleeve, Holder, and Base

Sleeve: Mainly Used for Guide Boring Bar
Boring sleeve can be classified as fixed boring sleeve and rotary boring sleeve

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