Function of Lip Relief Angle

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Lip Relief Angle is also known as Lip Clearance Angle, the function is reducing the friction between cutter and cutting surface of workpiece and processed surface.

  1. During finishing machining, the cutting thickness is smaller, leads to the place of wear and tear happens on flank face, so that the lip relief angle keeps bigger is better; During roughing machining, the cutting thickness is bigger, and the load is heavy, leads to rake face and flank face are wornout, so that the lip relief angle keeps smaller.
  2. For multi-flutes cutting tools, the cutting thickness is small, so the bigger of lip relief angle is a good choice.
  3. For low rigidity of workpieces and cutting tools, to choose the smaller lip relief angle, in order to increase the contact area between the blade surface and the workpiece, and then leads to reduce or eliminate vibration.
  4. To choice the bigger lip relief angle for workpiece with low strength, low hardness or good plasticity; Otherwise, smaller lip relief angle is better. But for primary clearance angle to process the hardnessmaterials, should be kept bigger lip relief angle, so that the blade is easy to cut into the workpiece.
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