How to deal with tool wear?

Tools is arguably the most commonly used key component, and it’s also easy to wear out. How to reduce the tool wear is very important.

Common causes of tool wear:

All components of the cutter will be worn by milling and shaping materials. If one of the components of the cutter is damaged, such as the blade tip, steel body, gasket or snap spring, the entire cutter should be replaced to prevent damage to the relatively expensive tool holder system. Moreover, the replacement of the cutter holder system is more complicated. Therefore, how to reduce the tool wear is very important.

How to deal with tool wear with drill bit grinder

Common tool wear includes the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect installation;
  2. Use components from different manufacturers;
  3. Choose the wrong type of cutter (different type of cutter should be selected for different types of machine);
  4. Milling planer materials are bonded and continuously accumulated on the cutter, which is generally caused by incomplete cleaning;
  5. Insufficient water supply in the sprinkler system inside the casing of milling plane.

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How to reduce tool wear?

Tool wear is unavoidable, but can at least be minimized. Adequate water supply is the basic premise to ensure normal rotation of cutter. According to the material selection of milling cutter, can also optimize the use and reduce wear.

  1. Select the suitable working condition milling tool;
  2. Pay attention to daily thorough cleaning;
  3. Regularly check the cutter, and timely find and deal with the wear or damage of components;
  4. Regular maintenance and inspection of sprinkler system;


Only through proper maintenance can the wear of key parts be minimized, thus greatly saving cost and ensuring efficient operation of the machine. If the cutter is only slightly worn, a cutter grinder can completely repair the wear. The use of universal tool grinder can reduce the waste of many tools, saving cost and time.

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