How to drill small holes in wood?

To drill small holes in wood you need brad point drill bits that are specifically designed for use in timber. These bits are perfect for drilling pilot holes for screws and other small holes without splintering the timber.

How to drill wood?

The brad-point bit combined with a doweling jig is the most common method and most accurate bit for drilling dowel holes. It has spirals just like an ordinary twist bit but instead of the blunt tip like a spiral bit, it has cutters with a sharp pilot bit at the end to keep it steady and correctly positioned.

Brad point bits like these are generally available up to 10mm in size and have a point on the end that starts the cut and keeps the bit in the right place, preventing it from slipping as you start to drill the hole.

Assemble two pieces of wood together as if they were already joined. Use a try square to mark the center of the holes on both pieces. Make an “X” in the exact locations for the holes.

Technique wise, after marking the position of the hole to drill place the bit against the timber and start to drill. Using a medium to fast speed apply pressure and move the bit back and forth whilst drilling in order to help clear the waste material out of the hole.

In order to drill the correct depth of hole, if you don’t have a depth stop for your drill you can put sticky tape round the drill bit where you need to stop so you have a visual guide.

If both sides of the material you are drilling will be seen, like a door handle for example it is better to mark out and drill from both sides. This will help ensure you don’t splinter the timber out and that the hole is perfectly straight all the way through.


Blind Hole Spotters also known as dowel centers, blind hole spotters allow you to center and drill dowel holes for a perfect dowel joint. Dowel blind hole spotters fit into previously drilled dowel holes. A sharp point exactly marks the location of the coordinating dowel hole. Use these for precise dowel joints when you have difficulty marking the center with a pencil or absolutely need to get it right.


In the end, you will need to grind your drill bits to maintain its efficiency. There are many types of drill bit grinders that you choose from. In order to make an informed decision, you need professional help. You can contact PURROS Machinery’s customer service expert for more information.

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