Most Common Types of Drill Bits

Are you looking for drill and drill bits? Drill and drill bits have a key role to play in the toolkit of every handyman. These metal spiral shafts are essential as far as boring a hole. There are various types of drill bits that enable you to place in a hole in numerous materials. In order to bore an accurate hole in the surface, you will need the correct drill bit. With so many choices, it gets difficult to choose the right one. This article highlights the several types of drill bits available on the market.

Read on to know which drill bit can be used for various materials.

Brad Point Bits

One of the most common types of the drill bit is Brad Point. The Brad point bits are available in various sizes and lengths. You can select the drill bit keeping in mind your requirements.

One of the most common types of the drill bit is Brad Point. It is a great bit for placing a hole in wood as it has a small point at the tip. There are spurs on both the sides that helps in cleanly cutting precise holes. This bit is perfect for boring holes in all kinds of woods. The Brad point bits are available in various sizes and lengths. You can select the drill bit keeping in mind your requirements.

Metal Drill Bits

 HSS bits Metal Drill Bits grinder

Another most common type of drill bit is a metal drill bit. This is widely known as High-Speed Steel (HSS) bits. Metal drill bits mostly are black in color as they are made using vanadium or chrome. These elements give the ability to the drill bits to place holes at high speeds. HSS bits can be used on plastic, metal, and wood. However, when used on wood, it becomes slower and extremely hot.

Moreover, HSS bits often come with different coatings. These bits might be titanium coated or cobalt coated making it durable. They can even last for a long time if they are used for metalwork.  Some of the metal it is good for include:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Copper


Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Drill Bits drill bit grinder

Another commonly used drill bit is Masonry Drill Bit. These bits are good to be used for drilling holes in masonry surfaces. The drill bit has a spiral shaft up to the tip and mostly is manufactured using the hardened material. The color of the bits varies as it is based upon the material used for its production. The tip of the bit will vary in color because of the coating. These drill bits can heat up quickly during the drilling process, so you should drill holes by withdrawing it for few minutes. Few of the other materials it can bore a hole are:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Bricks


Multi-Purpose Bits

Multi-Purpose Bits Drill Bits grinder

The multi-purpose bit is another handy and commonly used drill bit. This drill bit is perfect to be used for hammer and rotary modes because it has a diamond tungsten carbide tip. What makes this drill bit special is that it has the capability to drill a hole in all kinds of material. Some of the materials are:

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Masonry

Moreover, some of the producers will advise using this drill bit for boring holes in masonry. However, it is recommended to use masonry drill bit for repetitive masonry drilling.

Special Direct System (SDS) Bits

Special Direct System (SDS) Bits Drill Bits grinder

An SDS is a drill bit that is mostly used in rotary hammer drills. This is useful for drilling holes in the dense surface. These bits have special fitment slots that are good for quick drill bit changes. There are numerous types of SDS drill, the difference is in the power output. SDS drill bit is developed for efficiently and comprehensively bore a hole in masonry. The reason for using this drill bit is that it can last for a longer time in comparison to masonry drill bit.

Step Drill Bits

Step Drill Bits Drill Bits grinder

Another mostly used drill bit is Step Drill Bit that has a conical shape with a follow staircase structure and has several cutting edges of different diameters . The tip of the bit is narrow and has a larger base. What makes this drill special is that you can drill different sizes sole with Step Drill bit. It is a perfect choice for placing holes in various materials that are soft and thin. You can even use this drill bit for expanding an existing hole or a deburring.

These bits are perfect for boring holes in plywood, softwoods, chipboard, sheet metal, and drywall. The step bit is a great choice when it comes to drilling holes of various sizes. They are convenient to use as you won’t have to change the drill bit for drilling different sized holes.

Furthermore, step drill bit has a titanium-nitride coating that is helpful in preventing the drill bit from getting heated. It is a good way to this drill bit lubricated.

Spear Point Bits

Spear Point Bits Drill Bits grinder

Another very well-known drill bit is Spear Point Bit. It is a tungsten carbide tipped drill bit that is manufactured for boring holes smoothly on the various surface. This drill bit is perfect for drilling holes in materials such as ceramic, glass, and porcelain. The tip of this drill bit has a diamond ground carbide tip that shaves the surface instead of cutting it. When you are using a spear point drill bit, you have to make sure you operate it at an extremely slow speed. An important tip to keep in mind is that you have to use water as a coolant.

Additionally, you have to be very diligent when using this drill bit. In case the drill slips before the drilling, you can scratch the surface or use masking tape. You can even use masonry drill bit for the same purpose. It is not recommended to use masonry drill bit as it will not provide a smooth finish.

In the end, you will need to grind your drill bits to maintain its efficiency. There are many types of drill bit grinders that you choose from. In order to make an informed decision, you need professional help. You can contact PURROS Machinery’s customer service expert for more information.

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