How to use the Drill Bit Grinder?

1. First, check the material of the drill bit, because it is used to select the appropriate grinding wheel(types of grinding wheel: CBN and SDC; CBN for HSS(High Speed Steel), SDC for Carbide), that to be assembled the drill bit grinder.

2. Second, checking the diameter of drill bit, and then to select the appropriate collet chuck. In general, the types of collet chuck as follow: ER20, ER25, and ER40, but the exact dimensions are subjected to the manufacturer’s standard.

3. Third, clamping after selecting collet chuck, and adjusting the measurement of grinding, then you should to press the power button to start the drill bit grinder, now observing the situation of the operation drill bit grinder.

4. Fourth, if the situation of drill bit grinder is working properly, next step to grind the drill bit. The step below to:
1. Point Angle Grinding
2. Chisel Edge of Point Angle Grinding
(Note: The size of chisel edge of point angle depends on the screw above the dead center grinding hole of grinder, which can be adjusted the size. Also the adjusting range depends on the diameter of the drill bit.)

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