Maintaining Long Life of Your Drill’s Grinding Wheel

If you are into wood, metal or masonry work then you must use hand drills for grinding holes in material. The Drill Bits of your hand drill need to be sharpened from time to time. For which you need to use a grinding machine. Also drill bits can be expensive so sharpening them rather than replacing them is a more rational thing to do. You can get your drill bits sharpened from a hardware store which may take a while. This could lead to prolonged machine downtime and you being unable to get your work done on time. But if you own it then you need to maintain it to ensure it lasts for a long time.   Maintaining the hand drill itself does not take much. Taking regular care and carrying out some simple general maintenance work can do the job. Like making sure you clean it before putting it away and after you are done using it. You must keep it clean by using a soft brush to brush off wooden or metal scrapes off it and cleaning it with a soft cloth afterwards. You should oil it with a multi-purpose oil that lubricates it and protects it from rusting.

PURROS drill bit grinder with best grinding wheel. Drill's Grinding Wheel, 4.5 grinding wheel, 3 grinding wheel, 4 grinding wheel, 6 grinding wheel, 7 grinding wheel, 8 grinding wheel

PURROS drill bit grinder with best grinding wheel.
Drill’s Grinding Wheel, 4.5 grinding wheel, 3 grinding wheel, 4 grinding wheel, 6 grinding wheel, 7 grinding wheel, 8 grinding wheel

  • Drill Grinders

The Drill Bit Grinders sharpen the bits using a grinding wheel. The grinder wheel is made of an abrasive material. It may be made of solid steel or an aluminum disc having particles bonded to the surface. The abrasive material being used depends on the hardness of the material intended to be ground. There are a number of types of wheels that can be selected. For example straight wheel, tapered wheel, saucer wheel and cut off wheel etc. However grinding wheels are consumable and wear out with time and usage. But you can increase their life span by maintaining them regularly.

  • Maintenance Of Drill Bit Grinding Wheel

Carrying regular maintenance will increase the life of your Drill Bit Grinder. Some tips that you can follow to maintain your drill’s grinding wheel are listed below.

  1. You should make sure not to exceed stipulation of the linear velocity of your drill’s grinding wheel.
  2. Before you grind your bits make sure that you always carry out a strength check and speed check for the wheel.
  3. Make sure that you leave the grinding wheel idle for enough time so it does not get over-heated.
  4. Do not use any harmful cooling fluids on the wheel which may damage it.
  5. Prevent the grinding wheel from impact or any violent vibrations when putting it away or transporting it.
  6. Place your drill’s grinding wheels according to shape and size differently to avoid them from damaging each other.
  7. Do not store the wheel in a damp storage or it can get rusted.
  8. Make sure you oil it to keep it from rusting.

You would want to use your drill bit grinding machines for as long as possible. Follow these tips to ensure its long life.

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