Operation instructions of drill bit grinder

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How to use drill bit grinder?

Grinding of Cutting Lip Angle

Start switch, after the motor turns steadily, place the fixture group of the chuck on the right side of the grinding table. Make the notch of the fixing seat is aligned to the stepped surface.

Push it to the end until after grinding sound has stopped, then take it out and turn 180 ° .  Grind the other side in the same way until silent.

Do not hold the drill handle while grinding, the force will affect the center of the drill uneven.

Cutting Lip Angle adjustable Angle 90 ° ~ 135 °


Grinding of Lip Clearance Angle

When grinding the dead center, chuck fixed group in the dead center grinding, gently pushed to the bottom of the grinding wheel, in the end, after spinning around by the end of silent, then take it out and turn 180 ° . Grind the other side in the same way until silent.

When the dead center is ground, the clamping head fixing tool set moves up and down. The position of the center of the missing Angle line of the clamping head fixator is aligned with the locating pin on the grinding seat.


Grinding of Major Cutting Lip

Grinding major cutting lip, chuck fixed with a group in the chisel edge grinding, gently push the bottom wheel, spin to the right to silence, then return to the center, take out and turn 180 °, grinding to the silent on the other side in the same way.

All contact holes in the machine must be cleaned immediately after the drill has been ground for the next use.

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