Precautions for use of high speed steel drill bits

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1. Check whether all parts of the drilling machine are normal before use;
2. The high-speed steel bit and the workpiece must be clamped and tightened, and the workpiece cannot be held by hand, so as to avoid injury accident and equipment damage accident caused by the rotation of the bit;
3, focus on the operation, rocker arm and drag plate must be locked before work. When loading and unloading the drill bit, do not use hammer and other tools or objects to knock, and do not use the spindle up and down to hit the drill bit, should use a special key and wrench to load and unload. A drill chuck cannot be used to hold a bit with a tapered handle;
4, when drilling thin plate need to be padded with wood, and use a small amount of feed. When the dill bit is about to drill through the workpiece, the feed should be appropriately reduced. Gently apply pressure to avoid breaking the drill bit, damaging equipment or causing an accident;
5. It is prohibited to wipe the drilling machine and remove iron scraps with cotton yarn and towel when the high-speed steel drill bit is in operation. After work, the drilling machine must be wiped clean, cut off the power supply, stacking parts and keep the working site neat and tidy;
6. When the cuttings are wound on the workpiece or drill bit, the high speed steel drill bit should be raised to make it cut off, and special tools should be used to remove the cuttings after stopping drilling;
7. The drill must be drilled within the working range of the drilling machine, and the drill bit exceeding the rated diameter cannot be used;
8. When changing the belt speed change position, the power supply must be cut off;
9, in the work of any abnormal circumstances, should stop the machine for processing;
10. Before operation, operators must be familiar with the performance, use and precautions of the machine. Operators who are not familiar with the machine are strictly prohibited to operate the machine alone.

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