What are the differences between machining center and drilling & tapping center?

Now with the vigorous development of industrial manufacturing industry, various industries are using machining center equipment in abrasive tool processing. Many customers still know machining center better. When someone says drilling and tapping center, many people are not clear. Today, let’s talk about the similarities and differences between machining center and drilling & tapping center.


Same points


Machining center and drilling and tapping center, literally, have the word “center”. It can be seen that they are both metal cutting machine tools and CNC processing equipment. In terms of style and function, machining center and drilling and tapping center are very similar.




  1. Application: Machining center is widely used, mainly for processing plane, surface and other shapes of equipment. Drilling and tapping centers are mainly used for drilling and tapping. Machining center can be used for milling, but machining center can only do slight milling, because the power of drilling and tapping center spindle is not very large, it can not carry out heavy milling.
  2. Shape: drilling and tapping center is smaller than machining center in shape.
  3. Tool library selection: machining center is mainly a hat-type tool library and a disc-type tool library, while drilling and tapping center is mainly a turret-type tool library and a turret-type tool library.
  4. Fast moving speed: drilling and tapping center adopts linear guide rail, which is faster than machining center. The machine tool processing efficiency is obvious.
  5. Price: As far as machinery is concerned, the price of machining center is higher than that of drilling and tapping center.
PURROS Multiaspect Special Purpose Machine

PURROS Multiaspect Special Purpose Machine

Many machinery plants choose to use drilling and tapping centers. Both drilling and tapping centers and machining centers can cause tool damage and wear. In some cases the tool has not been completely damaged, many can be used after repaired with the drill bit grinding machine. For example, worn bits can be repaired with a drill bit sharpener for more than 90% of worn bits. The repaired bit can be reused. We produce a variety of tool grinding machines, you can choose the right tool grinding machine according to your needs to complete the repair work.

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