How to choose the right machine tool?

The  one of the oldest metal removal machines, has a number of useful and highly desirable attributes. Today these lathes are used primarily in small factories where smaller quantities rather than large production runs are encountered.

How to choose the right machine tool

How to choose the right machine tool

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How does the twist drill bit sharpen can be more sharper?

The twist drill bit is the most commonly used cutting tool, the twist drill bit wants to be sharpened, so pay attention to some points below to:

For mechanical processing, twist drill bit is the most important of drilling tool, in all itsstructure simplicity,but it’s not easy to sharpen it right. The keypoint is to master the sharpening methodsand skills.If the method is mastered, the problem will be solved.Let me introduce the manual grinding of twist drill bit.

Usually, the point angle of twist drill bit is about 118°,it could also be treated 120°, the sharpening skills as follows:Continue reading

How to extend drill bit service life?

The drill has been widely used, but the cost of materials is high and reasonable use of drill bit can save cost. So how to extend the service life of the drill bit? Please read the following maintenance methods carefully.

Bit maintenance and drilling attention

How to extend bit service life?

How to extend drill bit service life? Sharpen drill bit on grinder attention.

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How many types of milling cutter according to purpose?

We provide end mill grinders including the following model numbers PG-X3, PG-X5, PG-X6, PG-X7 and PG-X8. Each model bears specific machining capacity and among them PG-X7 can be applied for grinding both side and face of mill and PG-X8 is an exclusive grinder designed to carry out ball end mill. The grinding wheel is supports for prolonged application of the device. The overall grinding machine structure is made of heavy duty material for which it stays a perfect choice to be applied for industrial sharpening requirements through milling.Continue reading

How to use the Drill Bit Grinder?

1. First, check the material of the drill bit, because it is used to select the appropriate grinding wheel(types of grinding wheel: CBN and SDC; CBN for HSS(High Speed Steel), SDC for Carbide), that to be assembled the drill bit grinder.

2. Second, checking the diameter of drill bit, and then to select the appropriate collet chuck. In general, the types of collet chuck as follow: ER20, ER25, and ER40, but the exact dimensions are subjected to the manufacturer’s standard.

3. Third, clamping after selecting collet chuck, and adjusting the measurement of grinding, then you should to press the power button to start the drill bit grinder, now observing the situation of the operation drill bit grinder.

4. Fourth, if the situation of drill bit grinder is working properly, next step to grind the drill bit. The step below to:
1. Point Angle Grinding
2. Chisel Edge of Point Angle Grinding
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The importance of CNC machine tool and its development history

One of the most basic concepts in advanced manufacturing technology is numerical control (NC). Before the advent of CNC machines, all machine tools were operated and controlled manually. In many of the limitations associated with manual control of machine tools, there may not be a more prominent restriction than operational skills. Under manual control, product quality is directly related to operator’s skill. Digital control is the first step in the control of machine tool.Continue reading