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We are universal tool cutter grinder machine Manufacturer. Cheapest tool and cutter grinder price, universal tool grinder machine for sale.



Grinding Scope: Inner Bore, Excircle, Cyclinder, groove, Taper, End Milling Cutter, Disc Milling Cutter, Lathe Tool, Square or Diamond Cutting Tool, Gear Hobber, etc. According to different cutting tool to adjust the grinding wheel.

Two types of guide rails are used for the workbench, which is the high precision linear guide and rolling guide. A balanced workbench is good for operation.

The motor range rotation is in 0-360°, only to rotate the grinding wheel during grinding the cutting tools of different materials. Synthetically the above advantages, it can increase the safety and reduce the exchange and correction time of grinding wheel, and then increasing the controllability of cutter grinding.

Adopt high toughness FC30 iron to maintain long-term machining accuracy.



  1. The machine is equipped with different types of attachments for grinding lathe tool, 3-flutes milling cutter, gear hobber, and circular scudding knife, etc.
  2. The optional attachment 5OE can be grinded morse 4# taper spiral milling cutter, ball end milling cutter, R-type lathe tool, etc.
  3. The optional attachment 5OK can be grinded morse 4# taper or diameter ranges in φ3-φ32 of drill bit or PG3-PG32 of tapping head, etc.
  4. The optional attachment 5OK can be grinded morse 4# taper spiral (milling) cutter, etc.
  5. Others optional attachments as 50J and 50B, etc.
Model: PG-6025
Max. Grinding Diameter: 250MM
About Worktable Diameter: 350MM
About Workable Traveling Schedule: 150MM
Elevating Distance of Wheel Head: 150MM
Rotating Angle of Wheel Head: 360°
Grinding Head Speed: 5000RPM
Horse Power and Voltage of Motor: 3/4HP,380V
Power: 1HP
Inner Bore of the Grinding Work Piece: 10-50MM
Lateral Feeding Distance: 190MM
Workable Area: 130*550MM
Elevating Distance of Wheel Head: 160MM
Height of the Head Holder: 135MM
Taper Hole of the Main Spindle of the Head Holder: mo-type 4#
Grinding Wheel: 150*16*32MM
Dimension: 730*710*715MM
Net Weight / Gross Weight:  212KG/222KG
Optional Model: 50E grind spiral milling cutter ball end mill, R type lathe tool, graver and other taper milling cutter.

50K can grind drill bit, screw tap, side mill, round bar and so on.

50D can grind end mill, side mill and so on.

50B tablebox

50J thimble

Model: PG-600/PG-600F PG-6025
About worktable diameter: 300mm 350mm
About worktable traveling schedule: 150mm
Worktable area: 130X550mm 130X675mm
Grinding wheel size: Φ125X50XΦ32mm Φ150X16XΦ32mm
Power/Speed: 2800RPM 5000RPM
Motor: 3/4HP 220V/380V
Dimension: 70X63X63cm 73X71X72cm
Weight: 165KG 222KG

The worktable of PG-600 uses the dovetail guide rail,good rigidity;
And PG-600F uses two high precision straight line roiling guide rails, steady bed platform, good movement. PG-6025 can grind in hole and outer annulus.
Standard accessories can grind slot miller, face and side cutter, lathe tool, hobbing cutter, reamer bit etc.
Choosing 50E can grind spiral milling cutter, ball end mill.
Choosing 50K can grind drill bit, screw tap.

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