PURROS PG-F6 Multi-Purpose Grinder for Mill & Drill

PURROS PG-F6 Multi-Purpose Grinder for Mill & Drill for Sale. We are professional drill bit sharpening machine manufacturer.



  1.  Easily grind end mill and drill
  2. One machine has double functions(mill and drill), with easy operation and lower cost.
  3. With CBN or SDC(alternative), longer service life.
  4. The milling cutter can grind 2-flutes, 3-flutes, 4-flutes, 6-flutes and so on.
  5. Drill bit can be sharpened the major cutting lip angle, lip relief angle and front angle and point angle of drill and mill bit, you also can control the centre spot at random instend of centre drill, easy vent scraps, relaxed drilling and milling.



Model: End Mill  Drill
Range: Φ12-Φ30MM Φ12-Φ30MM
Point Angle: 0°~5° 90°~135°
Voltage: AC220V
Power: 250W
Motor: 4800RPM
Dimension: 47*35*38CM
Weight: 50KG
Standard Model: Grinding Wheel for Drill: CBN (for HSS)
Grinding Wheel for Mill: CBN(for HSS)
one collet chuck for drilltwo collet chucks for end mill :

2,4 flutes*1 piece

3,6 flutes *1 piece

Optional Model: Grinding Wheel for Drill:SD (for Carbide)
Grinding Wheel for Mill: SD (for Carbide)


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