How to select the attachment of universal tool grinder for different cutting tools grinding?

PG-600, PG-600F, PG-6025 are universal tool grinder from PURROS Machinery, which can be used for widely cutting tools sharpening, such as peripheral cutting edge of end mill, side cutting end mill, arc cutting tools, R-type cutter, Ball-type cutter, R-type lathe tool, tapered end mill, gun-drill bit, deep hole drill bit, regular drill bit, step drill, screw tap, chamfer cutter, end mill, shaft, regular turning tool, CNC lathe tool, lathe roughing tool, planed cutting tool, lathe tools at all angles, hobbing cutter, circle cutter, circular forming cutting tool, and also can be used for cutter fixed center.

For grinding attachments, the models are: 50D, 50E, 50Q, 50K, 50S, 50C, 50H, 50B
For selecting the attachment to match grinding tools, there are some issues for each user, so now, PURROS Machinery list all of details as below:


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PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50D 50D Attachment
Used for front face and peripheral cutting edge of end mill, side cutting end mill, etc.
Grindable range: φ3-28;
Shaft model of end mill: straight, MT 4
Grindable Tools End Mill
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50E 50E Universal Attachment
Including the all the functions of 5D, besides, arc cutting tools, R-type (Ball-type) cutters, R-type lathe tools, tapered end mills, etc.
Grindable range: φ3-28;
Shaft model of end mill: straight, MT 4
End Mill Supplier, Cheap End Mill for Sale
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50Q 50Q Attachment
Used for Gun-drill Bits & Deep Hole Drill Bits, adopted 6-jaw chuck design to ensure accuracy of the center.
Grindable range: φ4-33;
Drill Bit for Deep Holes
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50K 50K Attachment
Used for drill bits, step drills, screw taps, chamfer cutters, end mills, shafts, etc.
Grindable range: φ3-50;
Drill Bit, Step Drill Bit, Screw tap, Chamfering Cutter, End Mill, Side Cutting Tool
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50S 50S Attachment
50S is a 3-jaw chuck attachment, and with a high-speed motor; Also it is a universal attachment.
Grindable range: φ3-100;
Metal Cutting Tools
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50C 50C Lathe Tool Attachment
Used for regular turning tools, CNC lathe tools, lathe roughing tools, planed cutting tool, and lathe tools at all angles.
CNC Lathe Tools
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50H 50H Universal Attachment
Used for side cutting end mill, hobbing cutter, circle cutter, and circular forming cutting tools.
hobbing cutter
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50B 50B Fixed Center Attachment
Used for all of tools needs to be fixed center with other attachments during grinding.
Base of Universal Tool Grinding Machine Machine Base (Also Tool Cabinet)
It is a special and multipurpose machine base, which can be place the grinder, and tools and machine parts can be collected in the cabinet, etc.
Universal Tool Grinding Machine with the Base