Safety operation procedure for semi-automatic drill bit sharpening machine

Safety operation procedure for semi-automatic drill bit grinder

  1. The grinding wheel should be returned first, then the drill bit is mounted on the drill bit to adjust the Angle.
  2. When the drill bit turns normally, the machine meshes well and can be grinded. The protective cover should be complete and normal before grinding.
  3. Manual feed should be carried out slowly, especially when the grinding wheel is in contact with the drill bit.
  4. After the drill bit grinding is finished, exit the grinding tool and stop the lathe. The drill bit can be unloaded until it is stationary.
  5. After the drill bit is loaded, the wrench should be removed in time and not allowed on the chuck.
  6. When dressing the grinding wheel, put the feed handle in the neutral position, and after the grinding wheel turns normally, the it can be redressed. The fixture should be fastened, the feed should be slow; Wear protective glasses, the head should be avoided, the protective cover should be installed, the dust collection device should start. Replacement of new grinding wheel shall comply with the general safety regulations of the grinder.
  7. The workpiece should be put in place to prevent injuries.

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PURROS drill bit grinder with best grinding wheel. Drill's Grinding Wheel, 4.5 grinding wheel, 3 grinding wheel, 4 grinding wheel, 6 grinding wheel, 7 grinding wheel, 8 grinding wheel

PURROS Drill bit grinder – Grinding wheel

  1. abrasive grain

The grinding wheel of different materials is suitable for grinding different kinds of cutting tools. Different parts of the tool need to be used in different sizes to ensure the best combination of blade protection and processing efficiency.

Alumina: used for grinding HSS drill bit. The grinding wheel is cheap and easy to be modified into different shapes for grinding complicated knives.

Silicon carbide: used to modify the CBN wheel and diamond wheel.

CBN (cubic boron carbide) : used for grinding HSS drill bit.

Diamond: used for grinding HM drill bit.

PURROS drill bit grinder with best grinding wheel. Drill's Grinding Wheel, 4.5 grinding wheel, 3 grinding wheel, 4 grinding wheel, 6 grinding wheel, 7 grinding wheel, 8 grinding wheel

PURROS drill bit grinder with best grinding wheel.
Drill’s Grinding Wheel, 4.5 grinding wheel, 3 grinding wheel, 4 grinding wheel, 6 grinding wheel, 7 grinding wheel, 8 grinding wheel

  1. Shape of grinding wheel

In order to facilitate the grinding of different parts of the tool, the grinding wheel should have different shapes. The most common ones are:

Parallel grinding wheel (1A1): grinding top Angle, outer diameter, back, etc.

Disc wheel (12V9,11V9): grinding spiral groove, the main of milling cutter, cutting edge, trimming blade, etc.

After a period of use, the grinding wheel needs to be modified (including plane, Angle and rounded Angle R). The grinding wheel must always be cleaned with the cleaning stone to clean up the chips to improve the grinding ability of the grinding wheel.

Drill bit geometry has several characteristics buy drill bit grinder

Why are twist drill bit especially easy to wear?

There are several disadvantages to the twist drill:

(1) the internal and external difference of the front Angle values of the points on the main Cutting Edge of standard twist drill is too large. The front Angle of the main cutting edge at the outer edge of the bit is about +30; The front Angle near the core is about -30.

Close to the front Angle of the drill center is too small, causing the chip to deform large, the cutting resistance is large; Near the outer edge of the anterior horn is too large, in processing hard materials, the strength of the cutting edge is often insufficient.

(2) the transverse edge is long, and the front Angle of the transverse edge is a large negative value, which is -5 4°~-6 0°, which will produce a large axial force.

(3) compared with other types of cutting tools, the main cutting edge of standard twist drill is very long, which is not good for cutting and cutting.

(4) take place after the deputy vice cutting edge of blade Angle is zero value, cause vice knife after the friction between the surface and hole wall, cutting temperature rise, the outer edge of the corner of bit wear is bigger, has processing surface roughness.Continue reading

PURROS Universal Cutter Grinder is recommended in 2018.

In 2018, the Universal Cutter Sharpening Machine industry develops rapidly. The technology of machinery industry develops rapidly and the demand for high precision sharpening machine is urgent in the market in 2018.
On the basis of summarizing the experience of precision manufacturing for many years, combined with the most advanced technology in the international grinding machine industry, Purros Machinery has developed a new high precision Universal Cutter Grinder with multi-grinding head grinding knife, polishing, automatic cleaning, multi-layer filtration and refrigeration. PURROS Universal Cutter Grinder is aimed at the lathe tool, bit, iron knife, carving knife, computer engraving machine, cutting die iron bed, processing center, CNC, cutting machine, marking machine, marking machine and other metal equipment grinding. The design of our cutter grinder body changes the original loose frame structure to the steel plate enclosed welding structure. It greatly increases the strength of the body and increases its service life.

PURROS Universal Cutter Grinder’s grinding head in feed processing adopts the automatic feed design, improve the degree of automation, effectively saves manpower and time necessary to manually feed, improved the labor intensity of operators.

Maintaining Long Life of Your Drill’s Grinding Wheel

If you are into wood, metal or masonry work then you must use hand drills for grinding holes in material. The Drill Bits of your hand drill need to be sharpened from time to time. For which you need to use a grinding machine. Also drill bits can be expensive so sharpening them rather than replacing them is a more rational thing to do. You can get your drill bits sharpened from a hardware store which may take a while. This could lead to prolonged machine downtime and you being unable to get your work done on time. But if you own it then you need to maintain it to ensure it lasts for a long time.   Maintaining the hand drill itself does not take much. Taking regular care and carrying out some simple general maintenance work can do the job. Like making sure you clean it before putting it away and after you are done using it. You must keep it clean by using a soft brush to brush off wooden or metal scrapes off it and cleaning it with a soft cloth afterwards. You should oil it with a multi-purpose oil that lubricates it and protects it from rusting.

PURROS drill bit grinder with best grinding wheel. Drill's Grinding Wheel, 4.5 grinding wheel, 3 grinding wheel, 4 grinding wheel, 6 grinding wheel, 7 grinding wheel, 8 grinding wheel

PURROS drill bit grinder with best grinding wheel.
Drill’s Grinding Wheel, 4.5 grinding wheel, 3 grinding wheel, 4 grinding wheel, 6 grinding wheel, 7 grinding wheel, 8 grinding wheel

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What are the basic steps of using the drill bit grinding machine?

Follow these steps to use the drill bit grinder:


  1. Select the correct and reasonable grinding wheel (type and model).
  2. For the new tool, first check the main geometric parameters and record, especially to record the cutting edge, chamfering and horizontal blade of the drill bit or tool.
  3. First enter the data of the grinding wheel, and then enter the data of the drill bit sharpening machine.
  4. After the grinding, the main parameters of the cutter are tested and compared with the standard data of the tool grinding, and it is modified after comparison with the tool grinding standard until the whole grinding is finished.

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The drill bit grinding machines produced by PURROS are sold all over the world.

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Top 4 Drill Attachments That Everyone Should Have in 2018

PURROS drill bit grinder product technical guidance and development drill bit grinding machine manufacturer

Are you looking for drill attachments that you must have? A drill is one of the best tools invented to make boring holes easy. This is a handy and versatile tool that can be great for various tasks. There are numerous attachments that you will need. In this article, we have listed few of the most common attachments.

Here are some of the attachments that every driller needs.

Self-Centering Hinge Bits

One of the must-have attachments is the self-centering hinge bits. This is a great drilling bit for centered holes. With the help of self-centering hinge bits, you can bore a hole quickly and easily. This drill bit will help you place holes accurately and correctly. These bits are available in various sizes as one size doesn’t fit all requirements. It is better to have to 2 medium sized bits, which are capable of handling a wide range of doors and cabinets.

All you have to is the place the nose of the bit in the countersunk rim of the hinge. This will enable you to have a precise hole for the screw.

Rotary Rasp

Another essential attachment is the Rotary Rasp. This attachment is great for grinding off the wood. It is also perfect for expanding existing holes or shaping them. The Rotary Rasp is good for use on various materials including wood and plastic.

It is recommended to clean the rasp if you want to extend the lifespan of the drill. In case, you are depended on the drill, there might be a possibility that the motor or bearings might get damaged. Of course, the drill bit grinder can be repaired with a bit to repair it’s worn corners. You can either get a heavy duty drill or take a break from drilling.

Furthermore, the Rotary Rasp is not a finishing tool. You must get a filer or sandpaper in order to have a smooth surface that is free from marks.

Magnetic Bit Holder and Bits

The magnetic bit is a great way to drive screw in the fastest manner. This is useful in screw driving as it is capable of working with broad range of screws. There are different lengths and sizes of bits that can work with magnetic bit holder. This bit is very helpful as it enables you to strip a screw head without keeping the screw properly engaged. There are some things that you need to keep in mind, they are:

  • You must apply slight pressure on the screw in the beginning and press harder later on.
  • If you put pressure in the starting, it will lead to screw slipping away and causing damage to the surface.
  • The heads of the screws are delicate, if you overdrive it, they will snap off.

Nut Drivers

The Nut drivers are essential for both beginners and professionals. If you don’t have nut drivers, you will have to turn the driver using a wrench. A nut driver will make it easy to loosen up and tighten a nut without applying much force.

All in all, with so many choices to choose from, it gets challenging to get the best. This is why you need an expert help. The PURROS Machinery is here to help you. In case, you need more information, feel free to contact our friendly customer support service.