How to reduce the abrasion of drill bit?

The drill bit is arguably the most commonly used key component, and it is easy to wear out. How to reduce the abrasion of drill bit is very important?


What is abrasion?

The wear caused by the two components squeezing each other and causing relative motion.

For example, between the tool tip and milling and planning materials. In the process, tiny particles on the surfaces of the two components are detached from the elements.

Common causes of tool wear:

All components of the tool are more or less worn by milling and planing materials.

If a single component is damaged, such as blade tip, steel tool body, gasket or spring, the entire tool should be replaced. This prevents damage to the relatively expensive tool holder system, and the replacement of the tool holder system is more complex.


Common tool wear includes the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect installation;
  2. Use components from different manufacturers;
  3. Incomplete cleaning: milling and planing materials on the tool plate and continuous accumulation;
  4. Choose the wrong tool (different type of machine should choose different type of tool);
  5. The sprinkler system in the housing of the milling and planing drum is short of water supply.

How to reduce tool wear and tear?

Tool wear is not entirely avoidable, but it can be minimized.

  1. Sufficient water supply is the basic premise to ensure the normal rotation of the tool.
  2. Select the right tool according to milling and planing materials, which can also optimize the use and reduce wear.
  3. Pay attention to daily thorough cleaning;
  4. Regularly check the tool, and timely detect and deal with the wear and tear or damage of components;
  5. Regularly maintain and inspect the sprinkler system;
  6. Select milling tools suitable for working conditions.

Correct installation to reduce wear and tear:

  • Before installation, check whether there is any foreign matter in the inner diameter of the tool holder and confirm whether cleaning is necessary.
  • Use proper tools (copper hammer or pneumatic insert tool) to prevent damage to the tip.
  • Manually check the tool rotation (turn the tool by hand).
  • Only proper maintenance tools can minimize the wear and tear of key components.

This greatly saves the cost and ensures the efficient operation of the machine. In the daily maintenance, we recommend our drill bit grinding machine. This tool can be used to repair your drill bit in case of wear and tear. Allow your drill to be reused and the life of the drill is increased, and your money is saved.

How to select the attachment of universal tool grinder for different cutting tools grinding?

PG-600, PG-600F, PG-6025 are universal tool grinder from PURROS Machinery, which can be used for widely cutting tools sharpening, such as peripheral cutting edge of end mill, side cutting end mill, arc cutting tools, R-type cutter, Ball-type cutter, R-type lathe tool, tapered end mill, gun-drill bit, deep hole drill bit, regular drill bit, step drill, screw tap, chamfer cutter, end mill, shaft, regular turning tool, CNC lathe tool, lathe roughing tool, planed cutting tool, lathe tools at all angles, hobbing cutter, circle cutter, circular forming cutting tool, and also can be used for cutter fixed center.

For grinding attachments, the models are: 50D, 50E, 50Q, 50K, 50S, 50C, 50H, 50B
For selecting the attachment to match grinding tools, there are some issues for each user, so now, PURROS Machinery list all of details as below:


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PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50D 50D Attachment
Used for front face and peripheral cutting edge of end mill, side cutting end mill, etc.
Grindable range: φ3-28;
Shaft model of end mill: straight, MT 4
Grindable Tools End Mill
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50E 50E Universal Attachment
Including the all the functions of 5D, besides, arc cutting tools, R-type (Ball-type) cutters, R-type lathe tools, tapered end mills, etc.
Grindable range: φ3-28;
Shaft model of end mill: straight, MT 4
End Mill Supplier, Cheap End Mill for Sale
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50Q 50Q Attachment
Used for Gun-drill Bits & Deep Hole Drill Bits, adopted 6-jaw chuck design to ensure accuracy of the center.
Grindable range: φ4-33;
Drill Bit for Deep Holes
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50K 50K Attachment
Used for drill bits, step drills, screw taps, chamfer cutters, end mills, shafts, etc.
Grindable range: φ3-50;
Drill Bit, Step Drill Bit, Screw tap, Chamfering Cutter, End Mill, Side Cutting Tool
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50S 50S Attachment
50S is a 3-jaw chuck attachment, and with a high-speed motor; Also it is a universal attachment.
Grindable range: φ3-100;
Metal Cutting Tools
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50C 50C Lathe Tool Attachment
Used for regular turning tools, CNC lathe tools, lathe roughing tools, planed cutting tool, and lathe tools at all angles.
CNC Lathe Tools
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50H 50H Universal Attachment
Used for side cutting end mill, hobbing cutter, circle cutter, and circular forming cutting tools.
hobbing cutter
PURROS end mill grinding attachment 50B 50B Fixed Center Attachment
Used for all of tools needs to be fixed center with other attachments during grinding.
Base of Universal Tool Grinding Machine Machine Base (Also Tool Cabinet)
It is a special and multipurpose machine base, which can be place the grinder, and tools and machine parts can be collected in the cabinet, etc.
Universal Tool Grinding Machine with the Base

What kind of material is suitable for what kind of tool?

Determine the material of the tool according to the machining type and workpiece material. It is a common knowledge in the whole machining industry to match tool materials with workpiece materials. But not everyone knows how many conditions this so-called match will satisfy. Next, we will introduce ‘how tool materials and workpiece materials can match mechanical, physical and chemical properties’.

How do the mechanical properties of tool materials and workpieces match?

The mechanical properties are mainly designed for the strength, toughness and hardness of the tool and workpiece. All kinds of tool materials are arranged in order of bending strength from strong to weak: high-speed steel, hard alloy, ceramic tool, diamond and cubic boron nitride tool. In order of toughness from high to low: high speed steel, hard alloy, cubic boron nitride, diamond and ceramic tool; In order of hardness from high to low: diamond tool, cubic boron nitride tool, ceramic tool, hard alloy and high speed steel.

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How should we distinguish the different helix angle of end milling cutter?

The helix angle of end milling cutter can be divided into 30°, 45°, 50° etc. There are many kinds of them. Now let’s look at how to distinguish between them.

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End mill sharpening machine


  1. The function of helix angle

The more helix angle of end milling cutter, the longer the contact length between workpiece and cutting lip will be. In this way, the load of cutting lip per unit length can be reduced, so the tool life can be extended. However, at the same time, the cutting resistance will be increased, so it is necessary to consider the use of clamping rigid high tool shank.


  1. The choice of helix angle

For hard cutting materials of stainless steel with low thermal conductivity and having a great influence on tip heat exposure, large helix angle of end milling cutter is adopted for cutting, which is conducive to extending tool life. In addition, the features of the finish plane are changed by helix angle. For example, when smooth finish machining is needed, sometimes we can use big helix angle of end milling cutter. However, when using the large helix angle of end milling cutter, the cutting resistance will be increased, and the right helix angle cutter will be forced to break out. Therefore, corresponding measures must be taken, such as holding the rigid high tool handle. Although the rigidity of the tool can be ensured, in the case of low rigidity thin plate machining and other workpieces, small helix angle of end milling cutter is sometimes used.


  1. 50 ° helix Angle of the spiral in profile processed by end milling cutter:

Multi – edge design, good rigidity of the tool, can minimize the amount of side cutting.

The tip of the blade is protected by the tip of the blade, which can prevent the tip from falling off.


  1. 60 ° helix Angle of end milling cutter is suitable for the high speed cutting hard cutting material such as SUS304:

For difficult cutting materials with low thermal conductivity and easy to increase the temperature of the tip during cutting, the unique shape of the blade can inhibit the influence of cutting heat on the tip.


  1. Finish milling cutter for high-speed machining:

USES 45 ° helix angle and unique groove shape, at the same time to realize high speed machining, improving wear resistance. The surface roughness is good after machining with fine tooth groove.

Use ALC coatings with good lubricity and heat resistance (heat-resistant temperature of 1100 ℃).


Our end mill grinder can intelligently handle the helix angle problem. If the end milling cutter is sharp, you can choose our end milling sharpening machine to repair.

2018 PURROS New Product Launch Ceremmony – PG-F4N Complex Grinder for End Mill and Drill


Some improved performances of PG-F4N is compared with PG-F4

Improved Points as below (PG-F4N Advantages):

1. For grinding drill bit, the maximum grinding diameter increased to φ15
2. Point Angle Grinding Ranges: For End Mill, extended from 0°~5° to 0°~7°; For Drill, extended from 100°~135° to 95°~150°
3. Motor Power: Increased from 180W to 200W
5. Rotating Speed: Increased from 4800RPM to 5000RPM
6. Grinding Wheel: For End Mill grinding, multiple directions can be used; For Drill Bit Grinding, the diameter of grinding wheel is increased to 80mm
7. 2-flutes, 3-flutes, 4-flutes, and drill bit are also equipped their own collect chuck.
8. More accurate presetting cutter device

performances of Complex Grinder PG-F4N is compared with Complex Grinder PG-F4

Earlier Version (PG-F4 Complex Grinder)
Model: End Mill Drill
Ranges: Φ4-Φ14MM Φ3-Φ14MM
Point Angle: 0°~5° 100°~135°
Voltage: AC220V
Power: 180W
Rotate Speed: 4800RPM
Dimension: 37*23*30CM
Weight: 20KG


New Version (PG-F4N Complex Grinder)
Model: End Mill Drill
Ranges: Φ4-Φ14MM Φ3-Φ15MM
Point Angle: 0°~7° 95°~150°
Voltage: AC220V
Power: 200W
Rotate Speed: 5000RPM
Dimension: 46*32*31CM
Weight: 25KG

What are the rewards for drill bit sharpening machines?

the drill bit grinding machines produced by purros are sold all over the world

  1. Save more than 70% of the cost of drill bits


  • 1). Old tools become new tools. A drill can be sharpened at a small cost. It saves you a lot of money.
  • 2). Old tools such as drill bit/milling cutter tool can be grinded and reused.
  • 3). The grinding capacity of each tool is only 0.4mm, and each tool can be grounded more than 10 times.
  • 4). It solves the problem of traditional manual grinding tool (non-standard, short life and long time).
  • 5). High grinding precision, extend tool’s life.
  • 6). It can not only grind high-efficiency drill bit, but also can grind common drill bit into high-efficiency drill bit.


  1. Improve machining efficiency by 3-6 times

  • 1). It takes an average of one minute to repair and grind a drill bit, with high grinding efficiency.
  • 2). Our bit grinding machine has high precision and good processing quality .
  • 3). The life of the drill grinding machine is long and the auxiliary time is small.
  • 4). This machines have fast to feed speed and high processing efficiency.
  • 5). The machines have been reduced processing procedures and improved work efficiency.


  1. Solve more than 80% of processing problems

  • 1). With one machine can repair and grind drill bits (milling cutter) of various diameters.
  • 2). The quality of the grinding machine is good, and the precision of the drill bit is guaranteed.
  • 3). Drill bit grinder can improve the cutting performance of the tool and improve the machining efficiency.
  • 4). The machines have small cutting load and long tool’s life.
  • 5). The drill bit grinder can reduce the breaking edge of milling cutter and improve the service life of milling cutter.
  • 6). Our grinder machine can solve the problems of hole deviation, hole expansion, hole shrinkage and burr in general hole processing.
  • 7). Using our machines will solve the problems of short drill life, low drilling efficiency and difficult chip discharge caused by deep hole machining.


  1. Provide perfect after – sales service

  • 1). Provide customers with the most professional and economical purchasing plan fro free of charge.
  • 2). Help customers to check the machine platform for free, and develop special grinding tool’s SOP.
  • 3). Help customers improve the processing technology and improve the processing efficiency for free of charge.
  • 4). Provide customers with professional tool’s knowledge and advanced processing technology for free of charge.


How to grind the drill to be sharp and durable?

How to grind the drill to be sharp and durable?

How to grind the drill to be sharp and durable?

  1. Sharpen the chisel edge to be a little bit shorter, but it can’t be removed, reducing the feed resistance.
  2. Take advantage of the opportunity to shorten the chisel edge and try to improve the negative land angle at the chisel edge. Increase the land angle of this place can reduce the cutting force, make drilling light.
  3. Use the larger Lip Relief Angle. Reduce friction resistance and make drilling easy.
  4. Reduce the point angle. The proper reduction of point angle can increase the positive pressure of the cutting edge on the cutting surface, which is the same with the v-belt drive. But too small will affect the front angle of the cutting edge.
  5. The holes with less strict aperture and roughness can keep the slight imbalance between the two edges. In this way, the hole diameter at the orifice is slightly larger, which can reduce the friction between the blade belt and the orifice wall.

If you choose a drill bit grinder to repair and grind your bit, it will save you a lot of trouble. Fool operation, simple, a few minutes to complete the bit grinding work.

Tips for using drill bits

Although the drill is worn out, it can be repaired by a drill bit grinder. However, in ordinary use, different drill bits also have many tips. If you do not know how to use the drill bits, it will cause serious damage to the drill bit. It is impossible to use the drill bit grinding machine for repair, and the cost will also increase.

Operation Tips

There are some pointers that, when followed, will retain the life of the above drill types.

  • Hard materials need slow drilling speeds, and soft materials need faster drilling speeds. And as the hole deepens, the speed decreases. For the precise recommended drilling speed, the HSS drill can see the following formula.
  • You can drill holes first to allow for more accurate drilling.
  • Always make sure the drill is sharp to ensure less load on the power tool and better cutting effect.
  • If you plan to drill down to a piece of wood, use a wooden pad at the back of the job to prevent the material from breaking.
  • To achieve better drilling results, the cutting fluid is applied to the bit when drilling metal (except brass and iron).
  • Large bit will transfer a lot of reaction force to the drill bit, so be ready to stick with it.
  • All drill bits should be regularly removed from their flutes and airflow should be added around the drill to cool it.
  • Always apply pressure on a straight line with a drill. You should have enough to keep the bit together, but not too much, the tool’s motor gear or the bit deflected.
  • To prevent material breakouts, reduce the pressure you apply and get the drill through the last part of the hole.
  • Be sure to let the drill cool naturally. Don’t force them to cool in water (or any other liquid).

Operation instructions of drill bit grinder

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How to use drill bit grinder?

Grinding of Cutting Lip Angle

Start switch, after the motor turns steadily, place the fixture group of the chuck on the right side of the grinding table. Make the notch of the fixing seat is aligned to the stepped surface.

Push it to the end until after grinding sound has stopped, then take it out and turn 180 ° .  Grind the other side in the same way until silent.

Do not hold the drill handle while grinding, the force will affect the center of the drill uneven.

Cutting Lip Angle adjustable Angle 90 ° ~ 135 °


Grinding of Lip Clearance Angle

When grinding the dead center, chuck fixed group in the dead center grinding, gently pushed to the bottom of the grinding wheel, in the end, after spinning around by the end of silent, then take it out and turn 180 ° . Grind the other side in the same way until silent.

When the dead center is ground, the clamping head fixing tool set moves up and down. The position of the center of the missing Angle line of the clamping head fixator is aligned with the locating pin on the grinding seat.


Grinding of Major Cutting Lip

Grinding major cutting lip, chuck fixed with a group in the chisel edge grinding, gently push the bottom wheel, spin to the right to silence, then return to the center, take out and turn 180 °, grinding to the silent on the other side in the same way.

All contact holes in the machine must be cleaned immediately after the drill has been ground for the next use.

Glad Tidings: PURROS’s Universal Tool Grinder successfully entered the Kuwaiti market

Kuwait, officially the State of Kuwait is a country in Western Asia. Situated in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf, it shares borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

PURROS's Universal Tool Grinder 600F, buy drill bit grinder

PURROS’s Universal Tool Grinder 600F

Congratulations to PURROS Machinery Co., Ltd. that PG-600F Universal Tool Grinder to successfully enter the Kuwaiti market.
The success in Kuwait market, fully reflect powerful competitiveness of PURROS drill grinding machine in drill grinding industry of Kuwait, at the same time, it has also enhanced our brand awareness in the throughout Middle East.
Pursue higher quality to build more perfect products and continue to explore overseas markets, which is the responsibility and goals of the PURROS Machinery Co., Ltd. We will continuously improve product quality and better serve global customers. Thank you!