The cutting tool that need to be sharpened: reamer

Reamer is also a cutting tool that often needs to be sharpened. Its grinding method is relatively simple. Because of the higher requirement for the reamer precision, can be repaired 2-5 times generally. Before grinding the reamer, it is necessary to detect the diameter of the cutter. If the diameter is not within the required range, it can be repaired no longer. After grinding, the coating of the reamer has no coating.

The cutting tool that need to be sharpened: drill bit

The cutting tool that need to be sharpened: drill bit

Drill Bit

The drill bit is the best cutting tool for grinding.
The design should consider the need for grinding.
For preprocessing or general hole accuracy, degree of the drill bit grinding is worn at most 20 times. For high precision drilling bit, it can be sharpened 5 times.

How to solve the large wear and chipping, crushing of the chisel edge?

  1. Cause: Feed rate is too large
    Solution: Decrease feed rate, because too large feeding that will increase the cutting resistance.
  2. Cause: Point dimensions are not suitable
    Solution: Select correct point dimensions, for example: the point angle is small, but the rigidity of cutting material is big.
  3. Cause: Tool materials is not suitable
    Solution: Choose a suitable tool material that means choosing a bigger rigidity of material for making cutter.
  4. Cause: Relief angle is too small
    Solution: Increase relief angle, because too small relief angle will Increase the wear and tear of flank face.