Drilling problems and Solutions

Question No. Problem description
1 Aperture Ultra Difference
2 Horn Hole
3 Hole Roundness Is Not Good
4 Poor Surface Quality of Holes
5 Burr At The Exit of The Hole
6 Chipping
7 Back of Drill Bit Blocked Chips
8 Bit Breaking
9 Blocked Chips


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Solutions
Reduce tool nose run out
increase Inverted cone
Reducing blade height difference
Improving tool symmetry
Improving cutting edge type
Improving blade treatment
Increase point angle
Tool length reduction
Select and use coating
Increasing internal cooling pressure
Cutting speed reduction
Improving cutting speed
Reduce feed
Raise feed

Your drill bit has a problem when is in use, you can use our drill bit grinder to repair, easy, simple, as long as a few minutes, your drill can be used. We are a professional drill bit grinder manufacturer, and welcome batch purchase of products.

Why choose drill bit sharpener to sharp the drills

Select drill bit grinding machine, it plays a crucial duty to the drill bit.

A top quality collection of drill bits could make a pretty good – sized opening in your wallet, specifically if you acquire numerous of them. They need to last you for a long period of time ahead, however, if you take appropriate treatment of them. To do this, you need to save them in a tough situation. The situation must have different owners or areas to ensure that each little bit is kept independently. If you throw your drill little bits right into a tool kit or cabinet, as well as enable them to roll about freely, the suggestions and also the cutting edges could conveniently be damaged or dulled. One more point you should carry out in order to take correct treatment of your drill little bits is to maintain them honed so they could execute their finest. Pierce little bits could be honed over and also over once more. Naturally, the bigger the little bit, the even more times it could be developed. An included plus is: that by maintaining your little bits sharp in all times, you will really conserve deterioration on your electrical drill. The sharper the little bit, the smoother and also much faster it will certainly function.

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Drill grinding attachment mounting and use instructions

With the drill grinding attachment of PURROS brand for drill bit grinder PG-13D you can now sharpen drill bits with high precision. The optimal point and clearance angles can be set according to each drilling requirement, which depends upon the drill size and material being drilled. You can completely restore worn drills as well as broken drills back to new. When sharpening broken drills, much time may be saved by roughly shaping drills free hand before using drill grinding attachment. Dip drill in water when shaping free hand to prevent overheating.

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The Check of Standard Twist Drill Bit after Grinding

Step 1: Checking the point angle (cutting lip angle) of standard twist drill bit is correct or not, and whether it is symmetric with the axis of the standard twist drill bit? (The correct point angle of standard twist drill bit is ±118°, if it be used to drill harder materials that the point angle can be extended to 120°;  if there are the softer materials, the point angle should smaller than before, but keep mind, do not smaller than 90°.)

Step 2: To check the length and height of two major cutting lip (major cutting edge) are consistent. Because the quality of the machined holes are affected by whether the length is the same.
The check method for step 1 and step 2 is that: Place the cutting part of twist drill bit keeps in a vertical position, keep eyesight at the horizontal level, and then repeatedly rotate 180°, where is the center axis of standard twist drill bit, to observe whether the length of two major cutting lips are same in rotation. It is an assumption that to observe the length of two major cutting lips at the center of axis; If the lengths of two major cutting lips are different, that the shorter side should be grinded.Continue reading

Operations Guide of Drill Bit Grinding

First: Preparation Before Grinding

A: Assembly of Drill Bit and Fixture

Assembly of Drill Bit and Fixture

  1. Checking the diameter of drill bit shank, then select the suitable collet chuck and cutting sets.
  2. Insert the collet chuck into the fixture and lock the nut.
  3. Put the drill bit into the collet chuck, and keep 35~50mm out of the collet chuck.
  4. Adjust the scale to suit the outer diameter of the drill bit, and adjust the angle of point angle.
    Attention: Keep some margin for adjusting before locking the chuck sets.

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